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David Tornheim

David Tornheim became a progressive activist in San Francisco in 2000. He helped save the Harding Theater through grassroots organizing and filing an appeal of the demolition permit. He has worked in neighborhoods successfully stopping corporate chain stores, like Starbucks, and cell phone antennas and has worked on progressive electoral campaigns and ballot issues. He is a veteran Wikipedia editor. He has worked as an engineer, educator, and paralegal. He has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, a BA paralegal, and almost gained a masters in Philosophy. He loves literature, history, film, world cultures, other liberal arts, and progressive anti-imperialist politics.

Al R Suarez (photos)

As on Popular Resistance: Al R Suarez is a Peruvian-American blogger, activist, writer, and journalist. Suarez is a host of Vanguard Youth Radio. Suarez has published 10 books, including "Solidarity Forever? The Struggle of an Occupier" (2013) and "The Vanguard Faction" (2015). Suarez is co-director of the documentary in progress Embassy Protectors. Suarez graduated in December 2019 from Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton) with a Bachelor's in Communications and a minor in Political Science. He graduated from Miami Dade College in May of 2018 with an Associate's in Mass Communications. He resides in the Jacksonville, Fl area, where he will continue his education at graduate school at the University of North Florida in the fall of 2020 in Communication Management with an emphasis in leadership.